1 - Registered document of incorporation of the company;
2 - Company Tax Identification Number / registration card;
3 - Updated power of attorney from the company's representative(s);

1 - Individual Tax Identification Number and Individual Identification Registration Number;
2 - Proof of Residence (address bills with the owner´s name);

1 - The Annual financial statements (Balance Sheets and Income Statements) from the company for the past 2 years, which must be signed by those responsible and the accountant registered;
2 - Revenues for the last 12 months;

1 - Access the GSP Holding website: www.gspholding.com.br, the CIS - ClientInformation Sheet
2 - Before accessing CIS.
3 - Fill out the Individual and Legal Entity registration (if applicable) with all therequested data. It is important to note that, if the Custody Account is opened by the Legal Entity, the fields of the Individual must still be filled in with the data from the Legal Representative of the Legal Entity.
4 - In the registration itself, attach the requested documents on this check-list.All documents must be attached in a single register. It can be attached all at once before saving the registration. To save the registration data, it is necessary to attach at least one document. The other requested documents, in case you have difficulties to attach them to the platform, please send them to us through the e-mail: administrativo@gspbancodefomento.com.br;
5 - Attach the Business Plan together with the requested documents;
6 - The remaining procedures will be carried out by the GSP Banco de Fomento.

I declare that I am aware of all the documents requested for the CREDIT OPERATION with GSP, as well as the procedures presented here.