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»The GRUPO SÃO PAULO HOLDING introduces GSP AGROPECUÁRIA to its clients and friends, along with its projects and environmental variable, with a proposal that balances economic, social and cultural activities.

“Thus, it incorporates sustainable actions to its management practices, finding them to be strategic in the conduction of the company’s farming projects.

»The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guide the handling of several projects managed by GSP AGROPECUÁRIA.

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»The GSP AGROPECUÁRIA, carries out its agricultural projects concerned about the impact that these activities may cause on the Environment, by developing responsible business relationships that share the same commitment.

Social Responsibility

»The idea is to maintain an ethical and proactive relationship with rural communities around the project, striving to generate and transfer new knowledge and simple technologies that can improve the quality of life of these people.

»We believe that a socially responsible company is the one that attempts to place itself in a cutting-edge perspective, concerning market demands, requirements of communities in which it operates, and in relation to its institutional commitments.