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Contribute to a sustainable and humanized development, applying knowledge and technology, serving our clients with efficiency, responsibility and ethics, through projects that integrate sustainable development, safety, and occupational health.


Be a differential in providing environmental, safety and occupational health services, developing and applying knowledge and new technologies for the benefit of the organization.


»Excellence – Commitment to quality in the developed services, continuous improvement of its employees’ intellectual capital Continuous improvement of processes and compliance with agreed deadlines, always aligned with the expectations of the different clients in which it relates.

»Intellectual Development – a company dedicated to the growth and development of its employees’ intellectual capital, investing in capacity building training and continuous improvement.

»Ethics – Ethical conduct with all stakeholders, striving to value and assign solutions through guidance and knowledge exchange.


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»Environmental Audit;
»Survey of legal and regulatory requirements;
»Environmental inspections and reports;
»Carbon credit projects;
»Environmental Studies (EIA/RIMA, RCA/PCA, RAS, EAS, among others);
»Recovery Projects for Degraded Areas;
»Sustainable Management Planning;
»Environmental Zoning;
»Environmental Licensing;
»Reforestation Projects;
»Environmental Education Programs.

»Consulting and Advisory in Work Safety and Health;
»Security Management Systems and Occupational Health;
»Audits and Legal and Conformity Assessment;
»SSMA management for outsourced/3rd party;
»Analysis and Risk Assessment;
»Reports, Integrations, Lectures, DDS, Preliminary Risk Analysis, Permits/Authorizations for work, CIPA, SIPAT, etc.


"Ambition out of proportions and the future generation will bear this burden."

One of the rivers from the supply basin of Goiânia city is agonizing, there has been an abuse in use of the water and it exceeds 31% of its capacity, the output flow rate of water has been gradually dropping along the years, more than 700 mud volume increase along the river, 63 of them between the wellspring of water and Goiânia city, the majority of them in irregular ways. the lab reports indicate the hostile quality for the aquatic life.

And the inhabitants that can and should change it, are each day thinking of their own selves and end up doing nothing for such change. Then in 2018 what will it be like?

We are, for sure, in the same rhetoric, lack of actions from the public power, nonsense words and nothing changes, a lying game for the own selves interests.

Would it be redundancy to ask for thinking over it?

” The casting votes for the public offices, for advantages, for the basic food needs vouchers, for soccer teams, for milk vouchers, and the food vouchers ( aid for the very low income population provided from the State and the Federal Government)?”

The cientific studies have found out the the Aquífero Guarany – The Guarany Aquifer, is a natural reserve that supplies the ground with water for more than 500 years and it is located on the Southeast basin of Brazil with 850 millions of squared meters and our system of the environmental protection, the Public and the Environment Ministry are allowing the use with the drilling of wells with more than two thousand units. This is inadmissible.

Reserva Guarani

It follows the abuses with Environment and total lack of inspection.

descaso meio ambiente

The grain planting procedure where we depend only on the water from the rainfall and the cultivated areas with the respect to the environmental preservation.

What does the FSC stand for?

The above symbol is each time, more present in our daily routines. We can find it in a wide variety of products, from an ordinary printing paper up to the long life packagings, laminated floorings, wooden furniture, among other ones.

What do all these products have in common is the fact to come from the forests, more precisely from the wood and therefore can bear the FSC certification.

At last, what does the FSC stand for?

The FSC is an abbreviation for the Forest Sterwardship Council, that in Brazil is known as the Conselho de Manejo Florestal. Its main aim is the conservation and the preservation of the forests worldwide through the accountable forest management.

The FSC follows the principles and the criteria that when applied to the forest management, they guarantee that the products with the origin in a determined forest were obtained with the respect to the environment, to the forest workers and to the comunity.

The FSC, through its seriousness, has become the forest certification system of the greatest credibility worldwide. With the headquarter in the city of Bonn, in Germany, and with the national representations in more than 50 countries, the FSC has been consolidated as the reliable bond between the accountable forest production and the consumption of the forest products with the guarantee of the origin.

Thus, when we buy or sell a product with the FSC seal, we have the guarantee that the wood used on the manufacturing procedure has come from a forest that has been through a reliable process of certification.

Nowadays the FSC certification is an important differential before the competitors. The trend is more over and more over to become a demand to be able to keep active in the market.